19 september, 2006

Knjige za mikrobno ekologijo

Na vprašanje študenta o učbenikih za mikrobno ekologijo mi je prišla na misel nedavna razprava na društvenem forumu ASM, ki jo v redigirani obliki ponujam v uporabo vsem, ki bi jim lahko koristila:

Hello all,
I am hoping you can suggest an up-to-date text for use in a Microbial Ecology course. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you, XXXX


try this link for a wide variety of recently published Microbial Ecology texts, including lab manuals.



the link above has a very extensive list! I can tell you that the Biodiversity of Life Book (Reysenbach) is excellent, although it is advanced and contains chapters written by individuals on various organisms and habitats. It's not really a general text.  The Molecular Microbial Ecology (Osborn 2005) is also excellent for explanation of methods and protocols if you want to go that route, but again, not a general text.The Microbial Ecology of the Oceans book by Kirchman looks excellent and is on order by my library. I am currently teaching microbial ecology and not really using a text. I put alot of things on reserve in the library (e.g. primary literature, chapters from general micro texts). I did have the students buy the Field Guide to Bacteria (Dyer) as a general reference. I really do feel there is a need in this area at the undergraduate level. But as you probably know, it is a very active and changing field.
Good luck- I'm looking forward to reading the responses you get.



I teach a Microbial Ecology course that targets upper level undergrads and grad students and I haven’t found an up-to-date book that I like. I structure the course around a lab that is a semester long research project. I used Atlas and Bartha the first time but now simply use Brock Biology of Microorganisms and add to it with primary literature. Since Brock is required for an intermediate micro course I teach, most students tend to already have it. I have always thought there is a glaring need for a recent microbial ecology text, I am anxious to see the new one by McArthur published by Academic Press.

Good luck. WWWW


I use the same approach as WWWW, since I also use Brock in my general course. It lacks some material, such as in-depth material and quantitative analysis in ecological interactions (parasitism, actual models of interactions, etc) that Atlas provides, so I supplement with Atlas. If you are looking for a stand alone text that does a great job with diversity, species concepts and evolution, try Oguseitan's "Microbial Diversity" published by Blackwell. Its available in softcover and is not too expensive, in addition to being a great text for upper division undergraduates.



I second UUUU's endorsement of the Microbial Diversity book. I find it a really nice book and unique in what it provides.



I also haven't found one book that I'm happy with for my class. I use two - the Atlas and Bartha that others have mentioned and also "Environmental Microbiology" by Maier, Pepper and Gerba. It has some nice chapters on methodology and on microbes and pollutants.


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