01 julij, 2007

O biotehnologiji

Ena najvplivnejših revij, za katero z upravičenostjo lahko rečemo, da ustvarja svetovno javno mnenje je The New York Review of Books. V letošnji julijski številki ugledni ameriški fizik in matematik ter znanstveni guru Freeman Dyson objavlja pomemben članek na temo biotehnologije Our Biotech Future. Ker je članek dostopen v odprtem dostopu ga vsekakor preberite. (Hvala tudi Petru Subru za napotilo k članku.)

2 komentarja:

  1. Freeman Dyson:
    The first of my heresies says that all the fluff about global warming is grossly exaggerated. Here I am opposing the holy brotherhood of twilight model experts and the crowd of diluted citizens that believe the numbers predicted by their models. Of course they say I have no degree in meteorology and I am therefore not qualified to speak.

    But I have studied their climate models and know what they can do. The models solve the equations of fluid dynamics and do a very good job of describing the fluid motions of the atmosphere and the oceans. They do a very poor job of describing the clouds, the dust, the chemistry and the biology of fields, farms and forests. They do not begin to describe the real world that we live in.

    The real world is muddy and messy and full of things that we do not yet understand. It is much easier for a scientist to sit in an air-conditioned building and run computer models than to put on winter clothes and measure what is really happening outside in the swamps and the clouds. That's why the climate model experts end up believing their own models.

    There's no doubt that parts of the world are getting warmer, but the warming is not global. The warming happens in places and times where it is cold, in the arctic more than the tropics, in the winter more than the summer, at night more than the daytime.

    I'm not saying the warming doesn't cause problems, obviously it does. Obviously we should be trying to understand it. I'm saying that the problems are being grossly exaggerated. They take away money and attention from other problems that are much more urgent and important. Poverty, infectious diseases, public education and public health. Not to mention the preservation of living creatures on land and in the oceans.

    My second heresies are about biotechnology. ...

  2. Na spletni strani Kvarkadabre je dr. Sašo Dolenc v skrajšani obliki predstavil Dysonov esej.